About Aerodan

Highly regarded by leading Israeli defense industries and by the Israel MOD as a well-experienced, most reliable source for high-end engineering based software and hardware integrated solutions for aerospace and avionic applications, Aerodan has since 1988 become an R&D source and an established provider of development services & solutions to customers worldwide. 

Aerodan specializes, among other things, in developing specific technologies and full solutions for smart munitions. Initially providing aerospace engineering support for the Israel MOD, the company has evolved over the years to provide aerospace development services and solutions for all the major defense industries in Israel. Today Aerodan is mainly involved in the development of avionic modules, products and systems such as guided munitions and fire-control computers.

Our Vision

Top-Quality engineering solutions to common and special assignments to all defense  industries

Our Mission

Developing affordable smart munitions tailored for specific required performance


Chairman & leading scientist

Dr. Elkana Rooz


Maerav Rooz Michaelson


Dr. Vladimir Brodsky


Dr. Gad Mayer


Meet our professionals and experts

Aerodan is a privately owned company, with a steady average of 30 employees. The company is led by 4 key personnel in management and technical leadership and 26 employees including engineers, algorithm engineers, researchers and programmers and also work closely with several contractors for electronics and mechanics, design and manufacturing.

Team includes

PhD. In mechanical/aeronautical engineering

MSc. And BSc. in mechanical/aeronautical engineering with expertise in aerodynamics, GNC, heat transfer and ballistics.

MSc. in physics and math.

programmers with expertise in C++, simulations and Real-time software.