Based on their over 500 accumulated years of knowhow and experience in the various fields of flight sciences/aerospace and avionics, Aerodan’s  electronics and mechanical sub-contractors together with the company’s engineers, physicists and algorithm experts have developed, manufactured, tested and supported tailor-made products specially designed to meet customers specifications and demands.

Using the company’s hybrid lab and the various in-house developed simulation tools, these experts manage to provide tested and quality assured product to the customer in reasonable schedules and cost effectively.

GNC systems

Well experienced in the design and development of various GNC systems Aerodan has designed a unique GNC system, which combines high-end algorithms with COTS components, creating a sophisticated cost-effective system that can be utilized in the design and engineering of any flight system, especially in smart munitions.

System Engineering and Integration

Using the experience accumulated in the integration of systems. Aerodan provides its integration skills to support system engineering for any kind of smart munitions while making the best trade-offs between the mechanical, electronic, aerodynamics, GNC and budget considerations, to create the best-suited solution. Using its experience and putting to use its extensive know-how, Aerodan has built several real-time based hybrid labs for various projects.


For design, testing and GNC purposes, Aerodan has a series of system simulations, 3, 3.5 & 6 DOF among them, which have been validated over the years by both flight tests and hybrid labs. These simulations are being used in the various smart munitions, be it rockets, missiles, satellite launchers or any other peruse-munitions at hand. Aerodan has also developed and is maintaining the digital simulation of ballistic missile trajectories for the Israel MOD. With extensive knowledge in building these simulations we can provide a tailor-made system-simulation for any ballistic projectile.

Safety, Footprints and Trajectories

Using its in-house designed simulation tools, Aerodan provides complete solutions, including test trajectories, safety maps, fragment dispersion analysis, foot-prints, lethality and more for any purpose specified by the customers.


Aerodan specializes in preliminary and advanced aerodynamic design, analysis and validation. This capability is based both on theoretical analysis tools and WT tests and enables the company to provide a full package of feasibility studies as well as proof of concept and testing.

Heat Transfer & Signatures

Aerodan specializes in Aerothermal design, analysis and solutions it has also vast experience in thermal signatures and RCS. Aerodan’s unique knowledge in these fields has produced several in-house simulations for calculation and analysis. Aerodan also uses several tools for electronics thermal design and analysis.